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Vertical In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

These centrifugal pumps provide you with reliability and savings. Their unique design, with no need for alignment, ensures quiet operation and avoids issues with pipelines. Additionally, they take up less space than traditional pumps. This translates to reduced costs both in installation and maintenance, with minimal required downtime for inspections. Common applications include HVAC systems, water treatment plants, cooling towers, and circulation systems.

BVL series

Key features:

  •  Discharge sizes from 1.5" to 14"
  •  1 up to 500 HP
  •  Flows up to 12,000 GPM
  •  Heads up to 560 ft
  •  Working pressure 175 PSIG
  •  Fully enclosed, dynamically balanced impeller

Standard features:

  •  Same-size suction / discharge connections
  •  Short shaft design
  •  Small installation footprint
  •  Low / reduced noise


  •  Air conditioning
  •  Condensed water
  •  Chilled water
  •  Service water
  •  Cooling towers


  •  General industry
  •  Wastewater
  •  Plumbing
  •  HVAC