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Discharge: 2.5" & 3" NPT elbow, vertical.

Spherical solids handling: 2½" & 3"

HP: 1.5 - 3

RPM: 3450

Impeller: 6 & 8 vane, semi-open Vortex. Cast iron ASTM A-48, class 30.

Shaft: 410 series stainless steel.

Motor: 1 & 3 phase, 230 volts, 60 Hz, 3450 RPM. For continuous duty, with protection IP68 in winding, insulation class B.


Wastewater - Sewage with solids for ease of passage. Solids do not come in contact with the impeller and are carried by the vortex action created by the impeller.

Stringy material applications - Eliminated the possibility of wrapping on impeller vanes.

Applications with a content of sand. The vortex action reduces the sand from becoming in contact with the impeller thus minimizing premature wear.

Food Process Plants where the size and shape of waste can vary thus the vortex swirling action will better pass these inconsistent size solids.